How to choose LED panel light

What is Panel Light?

LED Panel Lights, commonly known as panel lights, illuminate the appliance used in place of the former fluorescent ceiling tubes and bulbs. This kind of lamp is the best and reasonable alternative for indoor illumination.

Though this technology is in use for a long time in the market, these illuminators are the latest technology used widely. It is getting popular as it has an elegant look with new characteristics and models.


This variety of illuminators uses the most current Light-Emitting-Diode technology that enables it to organize more beautiful brightening qualities. They have a very low-weight aluminum structure over which there are three layers. The structure is the basic and most important aspect of these lights as it prevents the leakage of illumination.

The three layers mounted on it are the LED chips, a diffuser, and a guide plate. The primary function of the diffuser is to disseminate the glow throughout the surface equally. It is arranged in front of the guide plate. A reflector plate is also situated behind the guide plate. These lamps are readied with heat sink technique so that safety can be guaranteed.


The guide plate and the diffuser simultaneously work to provide a homogenous, even, and soft illumination. The guide plate is a kind of visual substance that produces luminescence when plugged into power. Even these illuminators have an instant start due to the technology used.

Equipment and Shade

The preferred material for making the structure is aluminum. It is also used to make the back cover. They are commonly formulated from aluminum, arsenide, and gallium, with some added impurities.

The impurities are useful as it helps in creating free electrons and improve the behavior of the conductor. Even at times, the impurities can infer the color of the glow without the filter. They can also produce bright white luminescence.

Power and Efficiency

They consume very little power in comparison to other lamps, tubes, and CFLs. The advantage of these products is that they can produce twice the luminescence of the wattage they are entitled to.

Types of LED Panel Lights

Commonly, they are available in two categories: surface-mounted and recessed ones.

  • Surface-mounted LEDs –The surface-mounted ones appear to be thicker than the recessed ones as they are structured to match broader surfaces. There is no requirement of cutting the mounting hole as it is attached to the bracket by screwing it.
  • Recessed LEDs –They are the slimmest ones available in the market. They are framed to fit in the mounting surface. A cutout hole is required in the mounting surface to fit them with side springs that hold them.

Where to Use Panels?

LED panels can be the most eligible substitute for the prevailing illuminator setup, saving power consumption. Many houses still have pennant or flush illuminators or downlights that can be refurbished using them to get a new trendy look.

The flexibility of LEDs is that they can be used anywhere without any hindrance. They are much brighter and give you more clear brightness. You can install these in your hall, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

In case you have a plan to renovate your house’s illuminating system, you can choose these instead of ordinary bulbs and tubes. Generally, the mounting surface determines the type of light you may use. Recessed ones can be used over plasterboards and plywood or on thin MDF as they can be cut effortlessly for making a hole.

As brick and timber cannot be reduced to make a hole, you can use surface-mounted ones over here. Brackets are accommodated into which they are screwed easily.


There are many advantages if you choose these products. Some of them are:

  • Higher wattage –They produce a more durable glow than the assigned wattage. If you install a 24-watt one, you will get a brightness of 160 watts. They give you twice to thrice more light, which serves two bulbs and makes your room shiny.
  • Easy to install and replace –If you choose to fit them at your home, it is hassle-free as they have a flexible mechanism that makes them fit everywhere, even in existing bulbs. The side springs and faster than they have makes the work easier.
  • Perfect for low ceiling – If you have a low ceiling, then these should be the perfect choice for your home. As the flush or pendant fitting though widely used, is not the ideal fitting for low ceilings.  When it comes close to your head, the bulb or lamp makes your room appear much smaller than it is. But in the case of these, you do not face such problems. It is sleek and close to the ceiling rather than your head.
  • A plentitude of choice –As the taste and requirements vary from one person to another, it is better to choose them as available in a wide range. They are accessible in round and square shapes ranging from 3W to 6W to 12W to 18W to 24W.  It is even available in the recessed or surface-mounted layout with glow preferences ranging from silver to white, dimmable to non-dimmable, warm to cool white, etc.

Best Brand LED Panel Lights

  • Havells:It introduced a handy and stylish collection of these products that are affordable yet classy. They are ultra-sleek as well as save power but provide an intense glow. Even a luxurious texture is added to your room with eco-friendly illuminating options.
  • Philips:It has an underpinning mechanism that enables the illuminator to fit into any false ceiling. It is also available in unique designs and assures a firm grip. They are manufactured with high precision that gives homogenous output throughout the surface.
  • Wipro:The brand has the latest designs that are easy to install. They have the glossiest panels, slim designs, and high-quality optics that do not flicker. It also provides a soft, power-saving glow, giving you a classy aesthetic touch to your room’s decor.
  • ULA1L:The new released brand in Australia market,with wide variety of led lighting products.It has a competitive price and product performance.The new design and eco-friendly belief are popular with young people.It’s a nice choice for residential room decor.



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