Working with a 75-Year-Old Businessman: A Lesson in Work Ethic and Humility

On April 11-12th, 2024, our company had the privilege of hosting a remarkable individual: a 75-year-old General Manager from Australia. His visit left an indelible mark on our team, not just for his insights into the Australian market and commercial lighting conditions but also for the invaluable lessons he imparted in work ethic and professionalism.

1. Expertise and Insight:
Throughout his visit, the General Manager shared his wealth of knowledge on the Australian market with sincerity and gratitude. His suggestions on improving our local warehouse’s efficiency and reducing maintenance costs were not only insightful but also rooted in years of experience. It was evident that his professionalism was unmatched, leaving us in awe of his expertise.

2. Dedication Beyond Expectations:
What struck us most was his unwavering dedication to his work. Despite his age, he displayed an unparalleled love for what he does. I vividly remember receiving an email reply from him at 1:00 AM Beijing time, as he meticulously confirmed details about stocking fees and production plans for new stock in Australia. His commitment to excellence transcended time zones and expectations, leaving a profound impact on all of us.

3. Humor, Politeness, and Humility:
Beyond his professional demeanor, the General Manager’s sense of humor and humility were truly remarkable. Despite facing physical challenges such as leg pain, he approached every situation with grace and politeness. His humility was evident in the way he interacted with our team, always expressing gratitude and never hesitating to seek assistance when needed. His independence, coupled with his sincere and humorous nature, made every interaction memorable.

In just two days, working alongside him proved to be a privilege and a learning experience. His unwavering spirit and dedication to his craft serve as a reminder of the timeless values of hard work, humility, and kindness. As I reflect on our brief but impactful encounter, I am reminded of the invaluable lessons learned and the profound admiration I hold for this remarkable individual.

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